The Russian Compliance Alliance (RCA) is a non-profit online business ethics self-evaluation tool which uses an approach similar to the ISO9000 Quality Standards model.  It supports implementation of Russian Anticorruption law № 273-ФЗ “Article 13.3” and Russian Federation Ministry of Labor guidance; the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; and the UK Bribery Act. 

The questionnaire covers these topics: Executive Leadership, Governance, Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Communications and Training, Monitoring, Conflicts of Interest, Financial Management, Improper Payments. 

Anonymous responses: When you begin the survey, you will be provided with your own private website, whose address will be generated
randomly using a “Globally Unique Identifier” (GUID).  You will enter your answers to the Self Evaluation on this private website.  Please
note:  you must save this website address.  You are the only one who has this address.  This address will be required to enter or edit your
self-evaluation responses.  Decisions about who will view your responses are yours alone. 

Secure data: The system uses a secure network site (https), the same technology used by banks and online shopping sites.  All data is
collected and processed on a Russian server (RU-CENTER).  It will be available for you for changes for four months after the date of last

CertificationPublic Procurement Institute (, <>) has been
authorized by Rosstandart, the national standardization body of the Russian Federation, to provide official Russian certification of the RCA’s
self-evaluation results.  Results could also be verified by a licensed auditor.

Endorsements: The RCA self-evaluation has been endorsed by the following organizations:

It can be used for these purposes:

Education: The questions provide an checklist of the business activities required to meet
legal anti-corruption requirements.

Audit:  Internal or external auditors can use RCA questions to evaluate a company’s
compliance with Russian and international anti-corruption law.

Due diligence: Russian and international law assigns liability to companies for corrupt
actions of their third parties.  The RCA can be used to evaluate the ethical reliability of
these third parties.  It also complies with the Federal Antimonopoly Service policy which
requires that ethical behavior standards in procurement decisions must be based on criteria
available to all competitors.

Third Party Risk Mitigation:  The legal liability associated with performance of third
parties can be reduced if a company can prove it has made a good faith effort to manage
third party compliance.  Using RCA as part of a due diligence process can provide
evidence of this good faith effort.

Welcome to the website of the Russian Compliance Alliance,
Your private website will calculate a rating for each category of questions.  You will find your ratings on the “Results” page of the Self-Evaluation.  These ratings will be calculated based on 1) your answers, which can be ranked “true/mostly true/sometimes true/mostly false/false/not applicable”; and 2) weighting factors assigned to questions based on their importance as decided by an expert panel.  These ratings can be useful, for example, for comparing different parts of an organization.

The Results page will show your answers, the weighting factors, and the category ratings.

You may print out your results or export the data to a file.
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Russian Compliance Alliance Information System by Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
••Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia has endorsed the RCA on their website
47717: “In Russia it is now possible to carry out free and anonymous self-assessment of quality and efficiency of anticorruption
measures adopted by companies, via the portal of Russian Compliance Alliance - a non-profit on-line self-evaluation system of business
ethics by companies, developed with the help of Russian compliance experts (”.

•• We are honored to partner with B20 Collective Action Hub <>, created in
partnership with the UN Global Compact, by the Russia-hosted 2013 B20 Anticorruption Working Group.  It is a global center of
excellence for utilizing Collective Action strategies.  The B20 represents the largest companies in the world’s 20 largest economies. 

•• Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), a forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies, has recommended the RCA to their
membership as an anti-corruption tool.

Communication with Administrator: If you have any questions or comments about a specific question in the Self Evaluation, a “Comment”
box is provided next to each question.  Your feedback is very useful to us in improving this questionnaire.  If you want a response, please also
send your question to <>, since the survey includes no
identifying information.
We are honored to partner with the B20 Collective Action Hub, created in partnership with the UN Global Compact, by the Russia-hosted 2013 B20 Anticorruption Working Group.  It is a global center of excellence for utilizing Collective Action strategies.  The B20 represents the largest companies in the world’s 20 largest economies.  

We are also very grateful for the support of our primary research partners: Higher School of Economics (Faculty of Management) and faculty from the Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
A basic duty of all organizations is to
earn stakeholder trust
If you would like to have your company’s name listed on the RCA Registry, you may provide this information at the end of the survey.  When you click the “Submit” button, you will receive a link to the registration page.  PLEASE NOTE: There is no link between your self-evaluation information, which is on your private website, and the registration website.
This listing provides the names of companies who have participated in the RCA Self Evaluation.  This listing is optional.